Think for a moment about your definition of failure. What types of situations cause your inner critic to go wild? "I'm such a failure, I'll never change, I knew this would happen, why did I even try, I'm so stupid, I can't believe I did that, no one else would have done that, seriously no one else." What is your posture towards failure? Are you afraid to fail? To be seen failing? What does failure say about who you are? 

This canvas print hangs in my studio, pretty sure it came from Target years ago. I love the on purpose prompt of purpose.  

Most days, I follow a ritual morning-and-evening moment of meditation that help me get into a posture of reviewing my Intentions for the day, for the night.

The Myriad #Miscarriage

*Warning - Triggers, difficult topic, graphic imagery*  

Author Note:  As I post more frequently, I am weaving in posts I drafted when I first considered taking Pensive Impulse live; only took four years, I acquired it in 2012! This is the very first post I wrote in April 2016, but not the first one I published.

"We should always remember--To themselves, no one is just another person."

Pain messes with acceptance. As do a lot of things. The most beautiful result of my pain and therapy journey has been the unabashed acceptance of myself. Today I can celebrate that. I struggled with this mightily, over decades.

This morning another jolt…We form our opinions whether they were famous or not. "They had everything. I'd love to have their problems. They were so selfish, they don't care about who is left behind." I've heard these and more. If you're human, then you're going to struggle. What causes me to struggle may be your superpower. What trips you up may not phase me. Or maybe we both can understand how deep the rabbit hole can go. Who can truly comprehend the demons of another? The journey of another? 

Sam, my daughter, my LoveBug about to turn 5, has been fighting high fever and Flu B this week. This is just another in a long line of sick since new years, seems the case for most folks we know, this season being a tough one, and boy we're sick of sick. We've had to put a lot of activities on hold and just when we think we can get back to something, some other sick strikes. 

It's a gloomish day, has sure felt like a gloomish week; I could use soul stir. A sunbeam. Even a spider. 

After The Storm

What day is this?

Last Friday, Hurricane Harvey made landfall leaving behind massive destruction. An unfeeling storm propelled by unfeeling elements as homes and businesses were blown away upon impact, as waters rose and rose and rose, as lives were lost. Millions of lives have been forever changed. 

I remember looking out the...


Kintsugi is the incredible form of Japanese art focused on repairing damaged pottery. Known as the 'golden repair,' the technique involves combining lacquer with gold, silver or platinum to form new bonds. 

The narrative of a piece being reworked undergoes enriching fortification, efforts in of themselves that preserve and extol its existence and passage along its particular journey - its golden journey. The act of forging new bonds...