pensive impulse

"Between stimulus and response there is space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
-Viktor E. Frankl

Commentary by Heather Bibby

Our Stories. Our Responsibilities. Our Lives. Our Choice. 

Welcome to Pensive Impulse!

Born from my journey with chronic pain, Pensive Impulse is a lifestyle blog that focuses on personal transformation and connection. I’m drawn to our stories that grow us. How our narratives inspire change within us and around us - strengthening, lengthening the cords of connection among us. There’s a place inside ourselves, a basin of contemplation through retrospection, where our spirit derives our stories. We have to be brave enough to be vulnerable, to look for them. Such examination can change us at our core. Who we are. Who we want to be. 

Pensive Impulse is my watershed, one place I sift and distill and discover our stories.

My name is Heather and I’m a Hoosier living in the Lone Star with my hubs and bugs (kids). I’m a nature nut and adventurer at heart. Chronic pain, over a long period of abrasion and rebuild, taught me how to stand still, assess and ultimately, how to live by responding to the passions and purpose that pulse through my soul.

Pensive Impulse is one of those ways I am responding to my life, spinning fibers that connect. Stories here will cover a range of topics, including process stories to parse and collect my experiences with chronic pain. Over a decade on this voyage, I wholly understand how it wears us down, erodes our fight and how so many just don't get it.  

I get it. 

Pensive Impulse is about excavating that marrow of spirit we each hold deep inside, that tenacity thing, demanding we never give up, keep going, onward-ho. It's about our shared navigation of the human condition and the ultimate driver in all of our stories - acceptance. 

Self-acceptance. Other-acceptance. There is only one that truly matters.