Welcome Year of Quiet

Welcome Year of Quiet

Each year holds a word that guides my intentions.

In 2016, it was healing.

In 2017, it was YES.

2018 has been open.

2019 shall welcome quiet.


Not quiet as in ‘no speaking,’ but as a posture of presence, of contemplation. There have been a lot of changes in the last two and half years. There is much to reflect upon and parse. There is much to consider in how I want to forge ahead in pursuing certain goals and ideas. This coming year is time to purposefully turn toward introspection. To be more cognizant of the noise that can distract, to be more deliberate in creating time and space for reflection.

Without constraints or agenda of how this year should unfold, I look forward to this year of quiet and all the possibility it holds.

Happy New Year Friends, may you live and fish well!

It's not me...It's me.

It's not me...It's me.

A Drop of Oil