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Ballads and Ditties of the Texas Bibby’s
Follow along as we lay our journey steps, life is such a wondrous adventure!
Joe is my affably artistic hubs and has amazing hair! He works at Helios, is co-owner of Driven Catalyst and owner of Visual Yeti.
Elliot, our fourth grader almost ten, who first made me a momma, gives me no choice but to fish my everlong parent-fears. He is our old soul in temperament and compassion but flosses with the best of them! He loves gaming and pumpkin pie.
Sam aka Samantha Louise aka Sami-Lou aka Sammer Jammer aka SamBam aka Sam-wich, our kindergartner turning six, is pure spunk! Her energy and passion seasons our home with spontaneous songs and spiders and strange stories from Samiland.

My beautiful pain on Bibby Lane
Specifically for parsing my experiences and capturing process stories of life with chronic pain.

Poetry Prose & Pieces
The melodies of my soul-songs, sometimes from the spaces I’m working on.

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