Hello, my name is Heather Bibby.

Great to connect with you!

A native Hoosier, I live in Houston, Texas with my husband and two kids. After college, I had set out to become a park ranger and ended up designing suits for robots at NASA. Life is an adventure to embrace! I published my first book, The Fishing Well, in October 2018. I spend my days writing, portraying cases as a Standardized Patient, drinking raspberry black tea and volunteering for a local homeless nonprofit.

I grew up inside the patchwork-farm edges of Columbus, Indiana. The summer before my ninth grade year, my folks moved us twenty minutes up the road to the Surprisingly Little Town of Hope. Acres of wood and field were my haven during my rites of youth. Hunting, motorcycles and sitting on my rooftop writing filled my time. I graduated from Columbus East High, then Purdue University, Boiler Up! I'm a big fan of nature, especially the creepy-crawly variety.  

Then I moved to a big city (Indianapolis) and then an even bigger city (Houston) and my scenery changed from rearing and conducting experiments with insects and looking up at the stars to making robots runway fabulous and still looking up at the stars. One obscure day, I felt a pain in my ass, friends this is literal, not just Houston traffic, thus began a pain journey that has lasted well beyond a decade and ever changed my life’s trajectory. My love of creation and its intricate creatures holds major influence in my life and my passion for writing is the calling I have no choice but to obey.

Otherwise I'd be lost.