My name is Heather and I live in Houston, Texas with my hubs and two young kids. I love nature, especially birds and bugs, went to Purdue to be a park ranger and ended up designing suits for robots onsite NASA. I now spend my days pursuing wellness and volunteering. In the strata of life and chronic pain, I no longer hustle, I no longer hurtle. I live for the slow burn. I published my first book, The Fishing Well, in October 2018. Follow along my journey probing space (not the outer kind) and all the ways it manifests.

From my vantage - Hope to Houston, country to city, resignation to resilience, passion to purpose - Pensive Impulse is one of my spaces to connect Mr. Whitman's gossamer threads of our humanity. Themes include mental wellness, failure and fear, chronic pain and compassion, and whatever else comes up.

Pensive Impulse is a space of witness, of excavating that marrow of spirit we each hold deep inside, that tenacity thing; demanding we never give up, keep going, onward-ho. It's about our shared navigation of the human condition and how we are each searching for the same thing — finding out who we are, or if you subscribe to the Shavian commission like I do, creating yourself, — and acceptance of that person.

Self-acceptance. Other-acceptance.

Inside the pulse of our substance, there is only one that truly matters.

Welcome Friends.

Photo Credit: TwoFeetFourFeet Photography, Jennifer Brogan

Photo Credit: TwoFeetFourFeet Photography, Jennifer Brogan

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